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Leaders in modern technology solutions
Providing proven solutions for failed traditional waterproofing methods
Far less intrusive remedial solutions to existing water ingress
Much quicker compared to alternative conventional waterproofing
Addressing the sources of the ingress problem, the results can be far more accurate and measured.
With more than 6000 Case Studies , Professional Liquid Waterproofing have accumulated a wealth of experiences with regards to waterproofing problems in general but, more specific on chemical injection waterproofing, polyurea spray application and re-lining of concrete and steel pipes.

With the focus on solving water ingress through chemical injection waterproofing and polyurea coatings, with case studies ranging from construction & expansion joints on large commercial properties to solving water ingress of tiled concrete patios. 
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From rising damp in foundations of residential properties, to ingress damage to aluminium door and window frames, it is with this in-depth knowledge dedication that Professional Liquid Waterproofing can provide you with a qualified opinion, fast.

Professional Liquid Waterproofing would be able to quickly evaluate if injection waterproofing is the solution for your water ingress problem.

Our competent experienced personnel will evaluate your problem areas, and submit a solution if your problem can be solved using our expertise and products. At no cost to you.

Basic Principals
Always aim to solve the source of the water ingress and the not the symptom
Provide the best turnkey solution with injection waterproofing, polyurea coatings or both where applicable
Make sure the size of the scope of work will eliminate all additional possibilities
Attention to detail will almost always ensure 100% success ratio on a waterproofing project

It is with these principals in mind that Professional Liquid Waterproofing can provide clients with a wide range of water ingress solutions.  Just simple straight forward advice with results through experience which will save the client not only time and money, but provide guaranteed results.

With a well defined and identified water ingress problem, Professional Liquid Waterproofing would be able to share some hard earned advice.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    It is simple. As long as you don't alter the structure or interfere with our products, we shall repair those areas defined in your scope of work, for a period of 10 years after completion.
    Very successful. Please see our client's references. The advantage with our system is that once we've treated an area, and there is still a small leak somewhere, we do not need to redo the entire area. At most we need to re-visit that specific spot to cure the problem. Hence our guarantee that makes provision for that.
    Yes. Please let the new owner of the building contact us for verification.
    No. Unlike traditional waterproofing methods, we don't need to chop up your tiles, screed and defective membrane. We simply drill 5mm holes in the grout, between your tiles, and pressure inject Poly2Flex into the porous screed layers.
    We can drill 5mm holes on the corners of each tile, and re-grout the drilled holes to match the surrounding tiles. We have done numerous sites with marble, granite and other tiles like this.
    Cavity walls are injected with different products, depending on the size of the cavity. Holes from 10mm to 16mm are drilled into the cavity, and the cavity filled to a pre-defined height. This will effectively stop water migration through the cavity up to the defined height.
    That will all depend on the severity of the leak and the volume of water and level of saturation in the affected structure. Humidity levels and volume of air circulation around the structure will also influence the drying-out -period. As a rule of thumb expect to wait at least 8 weeks before redecorating walls as a first phase with a non-waterproof PVA paint. This will allow the structure to 'breathe' while providing a perfect means to see if any more 'new' moisture is evident. Please keep in mind that although we can stop future moisture migration, the moisture currently in the structure needs to dry out, and the sooner you paint, the more blistering you'll find. Hence the cheap PVA and then later, once the structure shows no more blistering, you can apply your final coat. If you're impatient, a rental dehumidifier will speed up the process significantly, especially where air circulation is less, e.g. basements and cellars.

Chemical Injection Waterproofing

  • High Pressure Polymer Injection Waterproofing
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  • Liquid Waterproofing
    Underground Structures
  • Chemical Grouting
    Civil Structures
    Underground Structures
  • Application
    Concrete Slabs, Cracks and Joints
    Retaining and Cavity Walls
    Concrete Cast and Underground Structures
    Rock Fissures

Polymer Spray Coatings

  • Polymer Spray-On Applications
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  • Polyurea Coatings
    Corrosion Protection
    Steel Reinforcement
    Abrasion Protection
  • Polyurethane Coatings
    Corrosion Protection
    Steel Reinforcement
  • Polyurethane Foam - SPF
    Cavity Wall Insulation & Damp Proofing
    Asbestos Encapsulation
    Marine Floatation
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